Tell Me where it hurts

Stand-up Comedians Share the Most Humiliating Stories of Their Lives

May 21st - Portland, OR - Crush Bar w/ Jacob Christopher, Jake Breslauer, Jane Malone, Dusty York, Lydia Manning, Michael Evans

June 8th - Tacoma, Wa - Bob's Java Jive - w/ Dusty York, Chase Roper, Kamryn Minch, Diante Neagle, Taylor Bonzer, Lydia Manning

June 13th - Olympia, WA - Le Voyeur - w/ Michael Evans, Dusty York, KayVin DaClown, Henry Rene Williams, Summer Azim, Chase Roper, Nicole Ash Bailey 

June 23th - Seattle, WA - Rendezvous - 5PM - w/ Mike Masilotti, Liz Donahue, Levi Manis, Nicole Ash Bailey, Wilfred Padua, Scott Losse, Dusty York - 7PM - Anica Cihla, Claire Webber, Emmett Montgomery, Jason Traeger, Jacob Christopher, Derek Sheen, Dusty York

June 25th - Portland, OR - Kelly's Olympian - w/ Derek Sheen, Todd Armstrong, Chris Khatami, Amanda Martin-Tully, Alex Avery, Dusty York

July 21st - Salem, OR w/ Adam Pasi, Amanda Arnold, Chase Roper, Nicole Ash Bailey, Lars Soderland, Mike Lindsey, Dusty York, Caroline Smith

August 1st - San Francisco, CA - El Rio w/ Andrew Orolfo, Mark Smalls, Austin Blaylock, Alexandria Love, Brooke Heinichen, Dusty York

October 1st - Eugene, OR - Sam Bond's w/ Seth Milstein, Mike McGowan, Michael Sevigny, Dusty York, and more...

October 9th - Brooklyn, NY - The Cobra Club w/ TBA

November 17th - Austin, TX - The New Movement